New Years Garden Update

Happy 2023!

I was so thrilled to go out and find some actual broccoli flowers started.

I put in a few more broccoli starts the other weekend. They’ll catch up. The shallots have sprouted as well.

And I replanted the cauliflower. None of the romanescu have started forming flowers yet but they look happy.

The seeds that I planted about a month ago have sprouted quite well. And I put cauliflower into the containers.

Today I went out and fed all of the plants with a simple 16-16-16 fertilizer. I planted sugar snap peas by the poles and covered them up with new soil. I planted beets and parsnips in the raised bed by the fence and some in containers. I forgot to sow more spinach. Then I topped off two of the containers.

We’re due to have a lot more rain soon, so I wanted to get most of that done. Tomorrow, I’ll get in the spinach. Then on the weekend I’ll fill up more stacking containers and get lettuce sowed.