When You’re Not Seeing the Fruits of Your Labors

IMG_2284It happens sometimes. You see nothing but flowers and lots of leaves, but you haven’t gotten a single tomato, squash, bean, or cucumber. How can that be?

The simple answer is that they weren’t getting pollinated.

The good news is that you can play Super Pollinator without having to wear a bee costume.

Go to your local craft store and buy a small natural fiber paint brush.

Then gently insert the brush in one flower to pick up the pollen and then go from flower to flower. If you have a few plants together, try cross-pollinating as well.

Don’t worry too much about getting pollen from one type of plant to another. Remember, the bees don’t worry and the plants still do quite well.

If you’re curious about the male versus female flowers, here’s a great video from YouTube that goes into detail. Again, I don’t worry about it. You should know in a few days if you’re getting fruit.

Fruit! you say, I thought I was growing VEGETABLES. Well, the sad truth is that most things we think of as vegetables are technically fruits. Anything that requires pollination and flowers is a fruit. (Pretty cool piece of triva, yes? So the next time you need someone to eat their zucchini, tell them to eat their fruit.)

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