Is it winter yet?

Technically we have 18 more days until the solstice. But it’s starting to act like winter. That means my daughter wants to bring hot tea in a thermos to school with her. Weather wise, we’re still in the mid to upper 60s. But the great news is that it’s RAINING! (Yeah, I haven’t cleared out the garden but I have a really good excuse…ahem, I mean reason for it. The birds have come back with a vengeance and are hanging out there, breaking off twigs for their nests, and generally having a good time. I’ve increased the amount of Squirrel Chow and pulled out the nyger seeds again. My hummingbirds have disappeared so I’ve brought their feeder in for the season)



Ok, some people feel that it’s too much rain in too short a period of time. And that is actually a problem after the fire season we had. When there aren’t live trees and brush with solid roots, the wet soil has a tendency to slide down hills. And that’s not good. If you live near hills, you should look into terracing with solid drainage. Terraces are also great for growing food.

So this is a picture out my kitchen window at my orange trees. The oranges are turning a lovely shade of, well, orange. I’m looking forward to pulling out the juicer. The downside is that we’re having severely strong winds (don’t laugh at me people who live through tornadoes and hurricanes). It has a tendency to smack the oranges against the window. It’s only single pane 1970’s technology at its finest. (It’s on our to do list to upgrade the windows…we’re still recovering from repiping and reroofing)IMG_2466

It’s supposed to stop raining eventually. But I probably won’t clean out the garden until January when I look into starting my early tomatoes.

I’m also considering moving some of the containers over closer to the fence, and then build a Mittleider container that goes the length around the green poles (which I need to pound back in). Then I’ll create a better structure for the tomatoes to grow up.

Once, I put some netting on the fence and tried to grow peas up the netting, but the birds and the squirrels found the seeds before they really had a chance to grow.

I’m looking into better ways to protect the seeds around the beanpoles I’ve set up.

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