Well, we have this drought, see…

Hi. So I knew we had a water shortage. I won’t get into why I think it’s messed up that we flushed our water reserves to save a smelt, but now we’re in a dry cycle and no reserves.

So I planted flower seeds. We managed to get the last of the rats right after I swore I was done growing vegetables for a year until I was certain that they were gone.

I also planted blueberries and strawberries, and they’re doing OK. I lost one blueberry and about 2 strawberry plants to my minimalist watering.IMG_1289

Flowers started but haven’t been growing well due to the dryness.

IMG_1288  IMG_2879 IMG_2880


Many of the seeds haven’t even sprouted. It’s making me wonder if I should test my soil.

I was actually gone a bit in March and April. I needed to go help out my brother in North Carolina. I have to say up front the watermelon in the spring was the best I’d ever had in my life. You all are so lucky.

Bottom line is if you have high blood pressure, don’t pretend you don’t and keep ignoring it. He got a tear in his aorta. I went back right after it happened to help get him stable and settled.

Then I went back to help him through the surgery. They put two stents on.

Modern medicine is awesome.

But, cough cough, taking care of yourself so it doesn’t happen in the first place is better.

Doing things like gardening that lower our blood pressure is highly recommended. There’s something so spiritual about getting your hands in the dirt, and watching something grow that just fills you full of joy.

So what have I been doing other then grumbling about my flowers not growing? And how am I getting my vegetables?

I’m on two CSAs. I’m still doing Farm Fresh To You (there will be an ad below. If you click and sign up, I’ll get some money). And I share a share with some dear friends through Live Earth Farms. I’m loving that everyone’s going to the model of getting more choice.

I admit it. I don’t like kale.

But this way, I can get tons of other things like leeks and frisee and unusual mushrooms and leave the kale for the rest of you. And not have to toss it right into the compost pile.

I’m also getting more creative with how I plan my meals around which veggies are showing up Wednesday and which show up on Friday.

I’ve pickled some of the cabbage using my Krout Source




It should be ready by 4th of July, but I think we may test it this Father’s Day weekend. I could make my Dad anything, and he wants hot dogs.

And cherry almond cream pie. So who am I to argue.



Today I got two heads of cauliflower that I want to pickle. Hopefully I’ll make time for it.

I confess I haven’t been to any of the farmer’s markets near me in awhile. They get too crowded during the warm months. I love going when it’s cold and rainy.

So what are you growing? And if you’re not growing, how are you supporting the local farmers?

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