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Hello and welcome. If you’re like me, you live in an urban or suburban area and want to grow your own fruits and vegetables because you want better tasting produce, because you’re worried about the safety of the produce you buy at the market, or you think gardening is just plain fun. I’m all three.

My mom used to be a terrific gardener, and would make me help her with cucumbers and tomatoes in the small patch of sun our house would get. They were always Early Girl and Better Boy hybrids, and they tasted worlds better than anything we could buy in the grocery story.

After I bought my house, I would plant flowers, but I was too busy to even think about growing vegetables. Then, after my mom died, I stopped even planting flowers. And then one day, it was like the sun was shining again. And I dug up an area in the back, went down to my local nursery and bought some plants. Into the ground they went. I had to water them 2 times a day during the heat of the summer!

And out of the six plants, only two survived and produced. Obviously I had a lot to learn about gardening and soil.

Until I saw an advert in the Sunday supplements. Oh I know, they are insidious. You send away for something that looks like it will solve all the World’s problems, and you end up disappointed. Well, these solved all of my gardening problems: Self-Watering Containers.

self-watering container makes gardening easier
self-watering container makes gardening easier

It helped that I found a book on these marvelous things and learned a lot. About watering, about soil, and about plants.

And then I did what any self respecting passionate gardener to be would do. I ordered more. I went from 5 to 30. And I ordered a topsy turvy from QVC. It had a stand and three ports.

self watering containers and a topsy turvy
self watering containers and a topsy turvy

I bought more and more plants. I ended up with 23 tomato plants that year.

In truth, I did have some dirt which I tilled and planted things directly in like chilis and some squash. They did decently.

So this year, I planted asparagus and onion sets into the dirt area. And unfortunately, I went crazy again with the tomatoes.

What I hope to do with this blog is show you what seeds I’ve started, and how well they do so you can have the same success. I’ll recommend books and tools, and warn you of my mistakes. I make a lot of them. Thankfully, I usually end up with quite a bounty. Last night, I walked out and picked two summer squash to have with dinner. Two months ago, I was harvesting cauliflower and broccoli. If I can do it,so can you. A friend in Colorado bought some containers, and just harvested lettuce. It’s amazing the joy and the pride you get when you plant a seed and get dinner a few weeks later.
So subscribe to my feed. Visit me regularly, and please comment. If you have some photos and want to guest blog, please let me know. Let’s make this a place where we can share our successes.

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