The Pigeon Adopted By Doves

Last year, I got infested with pigeons and wasn’t happy about it. I admit, I’ve never really been happy with the doves either. They’re just so stupid. They would startle because the temperature would change half of a degree or something and freak out the song birds. We lost two birds one year because they flew into our sliding glass door after the dove startle. So yeah, didn’t like doves. They were food for the hawk that visits.

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Yes, I know.

This year, my heart softened a little for the doves because they built a nest on the garage and I got to watch their fledglings develop.

So back to the pigeons. I’d shoo them away because they’re messy and they’re pigs gobbling up all the seed and they’re bullies chasing away everything else.

Well, one day, there was a pigeon fledgling sitting in the feeder tray looking a lot like the evil penguin from Wallace And Grommet’s Wrong Trousers. It just had that bowling pin shape. Anyway, something was not right with the pigeon. It would eat & then throw up. I got really close and almost could touch it.

I noticed that it was shunned by the other pigeons. I never noticed any pecking…but the lone pigeon would hang around. I eventually didn’t mind. It wasn’t a pig (although it would sit on the edge of the water bowl & do its business in it which I didn’t like) and it wasn’t a bully. That’s when I realized the mom & dad dove were always around when I saw the pigeon. It looks like they adopted it and they hang together in a little flock. I think that’s pretty cool.

I wish I’d gotten some pictures of it growing up but every time I’d pull out my camera or my iphone, they’d fly off.

So sorry the quality isn’t great. I had to shoot it behind my curtains and through my sliding glass door.

UPDATE: I’m not sure if it’s the same pigeon or not, but it’s been sitting in the yard in this odd squatted position. I got a good look at it today and realized the left eye is missing. I’m not sure if that’s new or if this is a different pigeon. I’m suspecting it’s a different one because the doves aren’t taking care of it like they were before.

I guess that makes me the Island of Odd Animals.  I also have a black squirrel with no tail.

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