My Container Garden in 2019

My Container Garden in 2019

Hello! I hope all of you are well. I’ve been crazy busy. I’d take pictures but forget to post them. Whoops.

So this season, I’m going to limit what I’m growing, but grow more of it. That way, I can properly take care of what’s in the containers.

I also want to set up a good herb garden and nurture it.

Often, I’ll get really busy around August and things start to get ignored.

Not this year.

I have plans for trying to grow year round if I can.

So here’s the garden being cleaned. We had some bad rain and wind so it knocked over my poor Eureka lemon!

Well as of right now, I have in peas, spinach, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, arugula, and mesclun. We’ll see what pops up in the next few days.

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