Brrr, it’s cold here

I know it gets cold here and we were down to around 34F, but goodness, it still takes my breath away when I go out to fill the bird feeders. I saw frost on the groundIMG_2576







And on my roof







and I got a great picture of a bird hitting the feeder as soon as I’d hooked it back up. Gorgeous little gal or guy.

So, what do I do about veg during the winter. Good question. My regular CSA ended in November. I share it with another family. I feel it keeps me honest because it’s going to give me veg I don’t particularly like or may have difficulty growing. (shhh, worst case, it ends up in the compost bin…it’s helping my compost and it’s helping the farmers…I know, shame on me.)

I just re-signed up with Farm Fresh to You because I need some veg coming in. As I’ve whined & sniveled, it was a bad year in the garden. I didn’t have anything extra to freeze or can let alone dehydrate. What I like about Farm Fresh to You is that it shows up on Fridays (which was when I got my other CSA box and it works well with my meal planning), and it allows me to pick and choose up until a few days before my delivery. I can buy more of something easily. Like, I’m going to get 12 Myer lemons because my Myer lemon tree died a few years ago, and I love making pickled lemons using salt….they go GREAT when you’re roasting a chicken.

And I can choose not to get kale (cough cough), increase my spinach, and skip butternut squash (I still have 4 in the garage…).

Here’s an affiliate banner if you want to look into it for yourself. If you sign up, I’ll make some money which I’ll put into buying seeds and posting more pictures and laments.

I really need to get out and clean up the garden over the next few weeks and then start adding in the compost to the containers to get things all warm and happy before planting early crops in February.

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