Winter Vegetable Harvesting

Winter Vegetable Harvesting

suburbanvegetablegardenerBy now, your spinach, lettuce, and kale are probably getting ready to do some harvesting.  And it’s OK to pull a few leaves at a time.

I was still in a funk and haven’t cleaned out my garden.  I have a ton of excuses.  So I’ve been going back and looking at my pictures of the harvest and really missing fresh veg.  Plus, I’ve been eating egg white scrambles for breakfast, and could be using my own spinach, thank you, rather then buying a large bag.

I did try growing broccoli and cauliflower in containers a few times.  The key is remembering to stake the plants and being brutal about insects.  I lost a lot of cauliflower to these flies that just grossed me out.

And watch the weather.  I lost broccolini and romanescu to a heat wave that caused them to bolt.

However, after taking the walking tour of Love Apple Farms, I’m no longer afraid of bolted plants…they can still be used in salads and other dishes.

Well, just wanted to check in and wish you all a Happy New Year now that January is about over.

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