Using your smartphone in the grocery store

If you’re concerned about what you’re buying (and let’s face it, while I’d love to grow everything I eat, it just is not going to happen), there are phone applications that allow you to scan the tag on fruit to learn more about it.

Scanning Fruit At Checkout Looks Clever But Will It Actually Save Anything StorefrontBacktalk

Scanning Fruit At Checkout Looks Clever But Will It Actually Save Anything StorefrontBacktalk. Holding up each vegetable or piece of fruit in front of the scanner for one second That’s not a recipe for efficiency even once the system actually works. This video press release does a good job of capturing the tradeshow pitch a camera inside the.…


The Future Of Supermarket Barcodes 2d-code

The Future Of Supermarket Barcodes 2d-code. The scanner utilizes pattern recognition and detects the difference between merchandise and anything in the background enabling it to operate at high speeds. Particularly useful for fruits and vegetables which do not normally have individual barcodes.…


‘Scan All Your Veggies, Young Lady’: Produce Gets Mobilized

Yeah — even your fruit may be scannable now. A new data bar technology from Greenscans uses the little annoying stickers on all of those fruit and vegetables in the produce aisle to deliver to consumers a range of information about the fruit or veggie.

In a deal with Chelan Fresh of Washington state, Greenscans activations will appear on sixteen different apples from the company. When a user downloads the iPhone app and scans the produce they get videos of the Chelan Fresh farms. It is a pleasant enough experience. The code on a Gala apple gave me about a minute of video of one of the workers on the farm talking about Galas without offering much in the way of useful info. It is another code for code’s sake exercise.

I’d like to see more on vegetables as well.  Of course, if you want to know more about your produce, buy from a local farmer’s market (or grow your own).  Buying in season will ensure that you’re getting locally sourced, usually.  But sometimes, you just need that asparagus out of season.

What do you look for in your produce?

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