Things to Avoid In Vegetable Container Gardening

Growing vegetables in containers can pose certain challenges. Although vegetable gardening can be fun, it’s not all glorious. Here are important means to prevent these problems:

  1. Plant in large containers. The more space there is the, the more room for the roots to grow and expand. This also means better growth for your plants and better yields.
  2. Use compost. It helps a lot in the nourishment of your plants. It also adds moisture to the plants especially during the summer season. You will save a lot of money from buying chemical fertilizers on the market. And the best benefit of it all is that you can help the environment by going green.
  3. Don’t soak your plants. If you are placing trays beneath the containers, drain the water off from time to time especially during after the rain. This will prevent the roots from drowning. If your plant can’t hold so much water, it might die. The pots or the containers that you are using should also have drain holes in them.
  4. They need sunshine. Make sure that your plants get enough sunshine. For vegetables, they need at least 6 hours of sun exposure while herbs and lettuce only need 3-4 hours a day.
  5. However, avoid too much heat. High temperatures are damaging to other plants like tomatoes. Don’t use dark-colored containers especially during summer since they absorb a lot of heat. Too much heat can also dry out your plants and will cause wilting.

These tips are really simple but sometimes, we tend to forget them. Plants need taking care and a lot of personal touch from the owner for them to give out the best results.

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