Getting Rid of Pests in Your Vegetable Garden

Insects and pests are unavoidable in vegetable gardening. When you see the leaves nibbled by insects, it is still okay and your plants are not in danger of wilting and dying. However, it is heartbreaking to see all your plants destroyed, eaten, cut-off or dug out by other insects and animals. All your efforts go down the drain overnight.

There are simple methods which can be applied to ensure that untoward events happen in your vegetable garden.

Basically, making your plant healthy is its first defense against any disease that might attack. They have a sort of natural immunity against any problem that might arrive.

If you resort to commercial chemical pesticides, make sure that you read and follow the directions carefully and never use more than what is recommended. This is also the same when you are using organic pesticides. Not every insect in your vegetable garden is harmful that’s why it’s not a very good idea to kill everything. This can do more harm than good in your garden. There are other species living in your garden which are beneficial to our garden such as the earthworm and bacteria.

Also, be careful when watering your plants. There are instances when plant diseases are transmitted from one plant to another through the splashing of water.

Mulching is a very efficient technique to hold moisture especially during hot seasons and at the same time keep diseases under control.

Vegetable gardening doesn’t always require that all the insects should be killed at once. It is also important to maintain the health of your garden through mulching, regular weeding, watering and cleaning. This is the first natural defense that they have against any disease.

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