Time for some clean up in the garden

my garden needs some love

Time for some clean up in the garden

It’s been an odd 7 months. No pun intended.  For those that didn’t know, I had an accident taking a beginning snowboarding lesson back end of February.  I fractured my leg, and tore through my ACL.  So after the bone healed, I needed surgery to replace the ACL.  (for those curious, I did the cadaver tissue rather then having them take a piece of my hamstring or tendon.  it was a good recovery)


So I had a period of time when I could walk on both legs but still needed to wear the brace when I could plant up.  I did have help with watering, thankfully, but I was bull headed about wanting to get independent and putter again.  The downside is I would get really tired and couldn’t stand.  I did go out and squish bugs.  I was really focused on being completely organic this year.

And I used Mittleider Method trace minerals and the results were gorgeous.  Here are some heirloom tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, and a cantaloupe.  Which was delicious.


So I had set up this blog to be auto-pilot recommending gardening related things for a few reasons. One of which was so Google would keep me indexed for when I healed.

And now is the time to clean up the garden (and the blog), remove the weeds, trim back the dead branches, etc. And for me to get back on track with my love of backyard gardening, and influence you to just try one thing. You will get addicted. And I won’t feel the least bit guilty.

I still want chickens but the dear hubby still says no. Maybe I need to make more scrambles. He did get tired of quiches.

But for now, I need to cut things back, turn the compost pile, and consider planting a cover crop for this winter.  Yes you can do that in a container!  I’ll probably just mix in more trace minerals and worm casings in January, and then start planting early crops like spinach and lettuce and peas.

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