Cooking With Vegetables

IMG_2231Cooking With Vegetables

With more and more people nowadays becoming concerned about the different heath issues and the different new diseases that have been discovered recently without any chances of cure as of the moment, majority are trying to incorporate more into their meals vegetable dishes while others are turning themselves into die hard vegetarians.

You should be getting quite a bounty by now from your garden. I haven’t. My tomatoes are still green, no cucumbers have formed, and the green beans are all flowers. Thankfully I’m part of a CSA and have a number of good farmer’s markets in my area as well as markets with local produce.

Everybody is aware of the fact that eating vegetables is very good for our health but sad to say people would prefer to have a burger and fries over a bowl of salad. It is also difficult especially for parents to let their children eat veggies partly because they don’t find them as tasty as other food types. You have to admit that there are really certain vegetables that even you would abhor to eat. Plus, you can get really tired of salads every day.

I suppose one solution to making people eat vegetables is to prepare them using recipes that would enhance their taste. It is important that you mixed the right ingredients with it so that your family most especially the kids will love its taste. It is important also that we know how to prepare vegetables to get most out of the nutrition that it will be providing.

The second is to hide it in food. I’ll grate zucchini into spaghetti sauce. I’ve been known to chop up spinach and toss that in there too telling everyone it’s just fresh basil. You can overcook cauliflower and mash it into potatoes, and no one will know.

The first thing you need to do before cooking any vegetable is to clean them thoroughly. We want to get rid of dirt, bacteria and any lingering pesticides.

It is vital not to overcook vegetables that you’re serving (as opposed to hiding) so that they would be crunchy and not mushy. Cooking it just right would also enhance the dishes especially if you are using bright colored veggies that could make any dish look so tempting to eat.

For example, if you are preparing broccoli remove the hard part of the stalks to enable the florets to cook evenly with the stems. Broccoli would go well with beef and even a simple salad. My mom used to peel the step and steam that along with the florets. The stems are still my favorite part.

For asparagus, remove also the woody part of the stem to allow even cooking for there is a tendency for the softer tips to cook quickly compared to its stems. I’ve been cutting them into 1″ pieces and sauteeing in olive oil. At the end, I may add in a little butter for a bit more flavor. Finally, when serving, I sprinkle a little sea salt on top.

Find a vegetarian cookbook in the library and see if you can get more ideas on how to cook differently.


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