Buy planters for 4th of July

Buy planters for 4th of July

It’s time to start spiffing up the place for the summer. I found these adorable 4th of July ceramic planters at Plow & Hearth. I’d probably do red, white and blue pansies personally.

Also, I didn’t know you could get personalized ceramic planters. I really like the one with the owl and should get it for my bff who is into owls right now.

You should look into drip irrigation for these type of planters. Water evaporates faster from porous materials like clay. And these don’t have drainage, so you don’t want to overwater, or else you’ll rot out the roots of your plants.

What I really like is that these were handcrafted in Tennessee.

Now, chances are that you will go to someone’s house this summer. Instead of bringing wine, bring something alive and get them addicted to the fun of backyard gardening.

Ok, bring wine too….because well, it’s wine.

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